Thursday, December 04, 2008

Winter Is Here!!

Well if you're unlucky enough to look outside and see nothing but white, then you're in the same boat I am. I am a Colorado native, never moved out of the state. Been alive for 26 Colorado winters, driven through 10 winters and I still get white knuckles and drive 5mph when it snows. I don't know what it is! I have never been in an accident, never slid off the road, nothing! I just can't get over the fear of driving on icy roads. I will look out the window at work all afternoon, planning my route home, should I take this way and avoid the traffic, or take this way, it may be more icy. I make myself sick! To make it worse, there is this huge hill on my way to work! Last year I tried to stop at the top and look both ways before turning, but I slid all the way down the hill. Lucky for me there was no traffic coming on the road at the bottom of the hill!

I drive a 2005 Ford Focus. Great car if you're looking for a good car on fuel, leg room, and butt warmers!! Hehe!! But when it comes to winter driving that's another story. The thing probably weighs about 1000lbs, haha! And to make things worse, I think it still has the stock tires on it. They are so bald it's not even funny! Today I checked my tracks in the snow and they were just flat, no tread! So I bit the bullet and bought new tires today. They wont be in until 12/13, so I am praying for no more snow storms! Hopefully this will help me get through this winter ok! Other than that, I think the snow is gorgeous! (To look at!) Haha!! :)


Becky Jamison said...

It is a winter wonderland and beautiful to look at but I'm like you---I drive very slowly and cautiously in snow. I HAVE slid, been stuck, been stranded, even went off the road one time on a highway 2 hours from home with my baby Matthew in the car!! And for Larry (and sometimes me) it means lots of shoveling. Pant, pant. Glad to hear about your new tires. We'll pray for no storms before you get them on. Smart girl!

Ruthie said...

hahahahaha thats nothing!! Once you've lived here a few inches is no problem! I'll trade if any one is willing!