Thursday, December 25, 2008

Whew It's Over..

So here it is Christmas night. I remember when I was a kid Christmas night was always sad, cause even though you spent all day playing with your new toys etc, you'd have to wait 365 days till next Christmas!

Christmas is always about traditions. New and old traditions make the holidays so fun. My family has never really had to many traditions. But this year was a whole new experience. I got to do everything I wanted to do this holiday. I bought gifts, I made the holiday dinner, spent Christmas Eve driving around looking at Christmas lights, and now on Christmas night I am spending it tucked in my house with the love of my life. Usually we spend Christmas Eve with Matt's family down in Canon City, then Christmas morning we wake up early and drive 2 hours up to Loveland to spend Christmas day with my parents. But like I said this year was a whole new experience. In previous posts I mentioned Matt would be on call and we would have to work around his schedule. Matt can't be more then 15-20mins from Colorado Springs, just in case he gets a call and he needs to go to it. So we could not spend Christmas Eve down in Canon City, and defiantly couldn't drive to Loveland today to spend Christmas up there. So this year, my parents drove down Christmas Eve to spend it with us. They came over yesterday and we had a little dinner at IHOP. Then of course Matt gets a call and we had to drop him off at home. So my parents and I drove around looking at Christmas lights. Then today after staying in a hotel room my parents called and wanted to meet at IHOP again for breakfast. It was a fun experience to have breakfast on Christmas morning at IHOP. Then we came home and had a very nice afternoon opening presents and playing with our new toys.

I started making dinner around 1:00. We had a pork roast glazed in Catalina dressing, with potatoes, carrots and onions next to it. Then along with the regular green been casserole, mashed potatoes, stuffing and sweet potatoes. I decided to throw in a few new dishes. So I made a corn & broccoli cheese casserole and a cranberry sipper, which was cooked in a crock pot for 2 1/2 hours. It tasted just like a cider almost, but cranberry. Everything turned out absolutely wonderful. I felt like a queen eating all that food. Then my favorite was my dessert. I made a pumpkin pecan cheesecake. It turned out amazing.

Unfortunately, after dinner my parents had to head home. After an amazing holiday I was very sad to see them drive away. We laughed about sharing a new tradition, of eating at IHOP on Christmas morning and eating pumpkin pecan cheesecake for dessert!! I very much enjoyed everything about my holiday. And look forward to many new traditions with my family.


Becky Jamison said...

Since Christmas is now over, it's time to wish you and Matthew a Happy New Year!

Ruthie said...

Awww sounds like you guys had a good christmas! After everything is said and done I just wanna die!