Monday, September 29, 2008

The Aspens Are Changing

So this weekend was the best weekend to go view the aspens around Colorado. Matt and I always take this little dirt road that leads from Colorado Springs up to Cripple Creek (an old mining gambling town), and along the way the mountain sides are just covered in yellow, orange, green, red and gold aspens. The most beautiful thing you'd ever see in your life if you go on the right day. We were a little early, but needless to say we did have a very good time. We wanted to get some pictures of each other like we do every year. This year was a little more meaningful cause we knew at this time next year we would be married! I honeslty dont know why the word marriage kinda scares me or maybe it excites me, I mean in all reality nothing is going to change between me and Matt. We have lived together six years, we've laughed and cried together and we've been through just about anything a couple can go through. But last Thursday I had to go reserve the location for our wedding, my heart was skipping a beat, but in a way it made me so overwelmingly excited that I couldn't wait. I wanted to get married tomorrow. Maybe Matt and I are like the aspens, our life together is changing into something very beautiful! (Photo Taken By Matt 9/28/08)

Sunday, September 28, 2008

So It Begins

Well I never thought I would be a "blogger" because I never have anything happen to me that anyone would really care to read about or reply to.

But as it turns out I am getting married in a year and the days will go by quickly. So I thought since it will be so chaotic and fun, I could post my fun with you! Other than that I probably have nothing exciting to write about, but we will see. Who knows, you may be very entertained.