Sunday, December 14, 2008

Damn That's A Big Burrito

Have you ever been to "The Black Bear Diner?" If you haven't I highly suggest that you go. They are a little diner, about 40 restaurants in their chain, and they are dedicated to home cooking. Their motto is "When we bring your plate to the table you will defiantly say WOW!" And that's an understatement. Every time we go there you would not believe the portions you get!! The side salad is a meal in itself!

So we went there today, after our Christmas shopping at the mall. We were so hungry we thought we were going to die. I ordered the Turkey Club, Matt the breakfast burrito. The burrito was only like $6.99 or something. And they bring it to our table, and well you can see for yourself.

Where in the world did they get a flour tortilla that big? Surprisingly, Matt got through the whole thing! He probably wont gain a pound either. HA! And we were so full when we left there, we didn't eat dinner.


Becky Jamison said...

Yeah, you know Matt won't put on an ounce eating all that huge burrito! We'll have to try that place sometime!

Did you get a lot of snow?

Ruthie said...

hahahahah matthew looks funny! you guys crack me up with your pictures! You should come out here they have the largest pizza it's crazy huge!