Tuesday, December 09, 2008

A Special Day

So today is 12/9/08 and while to some people it's just another snowy day in December. Today is a very special day for Matt and me. It was on this day in the year 2000, that we began our life together. We had just had a wonderful time at Chuckie Cheese Pizza with another one of our co-workers Heather. I drove Matt back to the Petsmart parking lot from Chuckie Cheese, so he could get his car. We giggled and fumbled around for words, then Matt finally asked, "Would you like to be my girlfriend?" I could barely speak, and smiled with a nod. We then leaned into kiss, but every time our lips would almost touch I would giggle. I will always remember that night.

I knew Matt had liked me, cause we had this inside joke at work, that he was my work husband and I was his work wife. It's funny how he would sneak up to the front just to talk to me, and our manager would keep yelling at him to get back to work. We would pass little notes back and forth to each other with the stupidest things on them. Those were such fun times. Look how young Matt looks in that picture, it's hilarious. I also remember trying to sneak kisses in the back store room, or break room. Hehe!

So we dated for awhile in December. I remember Matt asking me what I wanted for Christmas. He didn't expect me to say "A German Shepherd!" And I didn't expect him to get me one! Matt had just got back from Christmas with his family and he called me and told me to come over so that I could open my gifts. I got to his house and knocked on the door. He freaked out and told me to go around the corner really quick so I couldn't see in. When I was able to come in he told me to hurry up and open the box. It had a big red bow on it. Before I could even kneel down next to it, it started crying and whimpering. I looked at him with big ol' eyes. And in my head I'm thinking "My mom is going to kill me!!" So a little black nose pushed open the lid of the box and a German shepherd came bouncing out. The cutest little puppy I had ever seen in my life. At first I wanted to name him Brody, I always wanted a German shepherd named Brody. But the next morning we drove into town to have breakfast at Burger King. That's where we thought of the name Indiana.

A week or so later, Matt had brought up the idea of moving back down to Canon City. He had come to Ft. Collins to be with his x-girlfriend Sarah, and wanted to be back down with his family. I was a little concerned things were moving quickly, but I didn't want to loose Matt. So I agreed to move to Canon City with him. We found an apartment in Canon City on Main Street. We had no furniture and no jobs, but we didn't care. Matt quickly got a job about a week later for some home remodel place. I applied everywhere, but no one called me or anything!. My savings went quickly with no money coming in, and 3 months had passed and I was running on empty. About that time Matt had mentioned that he needed some time to himself, and needed to sort out his feelings. I was heart broken, how could he bring me here and then decide that I wasn't worth keeping around anymore? I reluctantly gave in and packed up everything I owned, including Indiana, and drove back home to Loveland. When I made it to Loveland, it was almost like Matt had disappeared. I attempted to call him several times and he never returned my calls. I basically gave up on Matt, and I went back to work at Petsmart. I tried to eventually move on with my life.

Three months later I received an email from Matt. It was like all the sudden he wanted to talk to me again. I bawled and bawled, and read his letter 100 times. I wanted to be strong and ignore his letters. After everything he had done or said to me, why should I give him the time of day? But something inside me was so excited to see him. I wanted to be his girl again, and be with him. He was working for a company that would stay at hotels in Denver for the weekends. So every Friday night I would drive down there and we would eat dinner at Denny's. I felt so good to see him again and be with him. After that job, he worked somewhere in Canon City, and so him and I would meet in Colorado Springs almost every single weekend. We would do all the touristy things, like Seven Falls, The Zoo, Garden of the Gods, and Manitou. He'd take me out to dinner at nice restruants and buy me little gifts. I remember this one time I came down, we went to the mall he bought me this skirt and blouse, and told me to wear it to dinner. It was so romantic to get all gussied up just to go to dinner.

Matt eventually moved in with his friend Dan in Colorado Springs. It made it easier for us to see each other on the weekend, and saved us a lot of money in hotel bills! On February 14th, 2002, I had just spent Valentines Day with Matt. We made a dinner together and watched movies. I remember telling Matt, "Awww, I wanted to go back to Loveland with a ring on my finger!" He smiled and said, "I will be right back!" He came back with a little ring, a blue heart stone in it. It was cute! He asked me marry him right there. And I said "Yes!" We were engaged!!

It was probably around March '02 we decided to get an apartment in Colorado Springs. I was so excited our life was moving forward. We found a nice place with a gorgeous view of Colorado Springs. So I quit my job in Loveland and moved to Colorado Springs for Matt. And we moved into our little apartment. Matt beat around the bush for awhile and wouldn't move in with me right away. He said he didn't want to give up his bachlorism with Dan at their place. Call me crazy but I waited for him. He finally came around and moved in with me. We loved our little apartment, but 2 dogs and one bedroom apartment just was too small for us.

In September we moved into a little rental house on Cedar Street. We were so excited to have a little house. Our landlord let us pretty much do anything. So we painted etc. Tried to make it ours. The dogs loved the big back yard so they could run. Matt had a garage and I had my little office. Things on Cedar Street were pretty quiet. We got sick of paying rent and started to look for our own home to buy.

We found a cute little place on St Vrain St. We looked at it on 12/26/08 and the bidding for it ended on 12/27/08 - it was a HUD home. We put in a full offer bid and found out a few days later our bid had been excepted! There we were "HOME OWNERS!" We moved in February 19, 2004. The first couple months were the best, we tore down walls, painted walls, redid, removed, and remodeled everything in that house. The house is cute now, but you should have seen it when we moved in. The lady that owned the house before us, had like 17 pets! Yikes!

You're probably wondering, if Matt and I were engaged so many years ago, why is just now we are talking about marriage. Matt had some things come up in 2002, that I don't really want to talk about, because to me it doesn't change the person I think Matt is or who he will be. So they are not worth talking about. But basically the engagement never felt official, if that makes sense. And with some things going on his life, he wasn't sure for awhile what he really wanted to do. So it wasn't until this year, Matt and I decided it was time we got married. We have been through so much in our short years and we deserve to be with each other. Matt appreciates everything I have done for him in the past, I have been there for him thick and thin. I have stood next to him in times where most women would walk away. Maybe it takes someone like me to be there for someone like Matt. I am not out to make Matt look like the bad guy. Matt is one of the most caring and compassionate men I have ever met. And I think it took everything I have been through to finally see that side of him. I hear from people that it takes Matt awhile to finally let someone into his life. I honestly think, it wasn't until the last 2-3 years I have fully felt loved by Matt. He has finally let me fully into his heart. He knows I'm not going anywhere, as long as he isn't.

Time has flown by here on St Vrain St. We have spent Christmas, Thanksgiving, Birthdays and Anniversaries in this home. We watch the snow fall outside our window and we listen to the rain. We play in the sun, and rake leaves in the fall. There are so many memories wrapped up in this little house. Today is the last time we will celebrate 12/9 as our anniversary. It has for so long been the day we take aside for each other. But next year and every year after we will have a formal date to celebrate. A day we said "I Do!"

I found this little note in the notes Matt and I used to write back and forth at Petsmart. I thought it was funny that he wrote that. Maybe he could tell the future?

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Becky Jamison said...

Lisa, I posted a comment early this morning. I wonder what happened to it. It was fun reading in more detail about your "blossoming" relationship. I see some things in Matt that he obviously inherited from his Dad. All good things, of course! Good post!