Monday, December 22, 2008

I Love Holiday Baking!!

I work for a local trash company, and every year, I try and out do myself by baking stuff to take to work. I love making cookies, brownies, etc to feed the guys. I have about 15-20 guys that I work with, and they are big guys, and it's fun to bake for them. So this year, I pulled out my Grandma's recipe for sugar cookies. The first batch didn't look too good, so Matt and I got this crazy idea to dye the dough blue. Blue is the color of the trucks etc at my work. So we dyed the dough blue and then we frosted them blue. They turned out pretty dang cute.

I did go all out on them too. I made the sugar cookies, and I made my own butter cream frosting to frost them with. It I must say is pretty good. Then Matt and I decorated all the cookies. I also made some chocolate covered cheesecake bites and mint frosted brownies. I will take them to work tomorrow. Can't wait to get their reactions. Better save one for my boss when he gets back on Friday. (Yah, I am a bit of a suck up!)


Becky Jamison said...

That's a good lookin' trash truck sugar cookie!

Ruthie said...

awww cute! sugar cookies are the best