Friday, December 05, 2008

Surprise!! I Thought Of More!!

Here are a few more things about me, you may not know! I had so much fun last time, I wanted to think of some more.

- I buy baby clothes and keep them in a hope chest.
- I know my mother does too.
- I secretly want twins.
- I have twin genes on my side, and so does Matt. (HeHe)
- I want a daughter so bad, so I can play dolls again.
- I talk about our future children by name. (HeHe)
- I hope our children have Matt's eyes.
- I have painted our living room 3 times.
- I am not scared of spiders.
- I am scared of grasshoppers.
- I have never been late on ANY bills.
- I have a pond of Koi fish.
- I went to Bourbon Street in New Orleans.
- I didn't show "myself" for beads.
- I watch King of Queens every night.
- I played the trumpet in high school.
- I was NOT a band geek though.
- I switched to flute to sit next to my friend.
- I thought the flute was too hard and quit.
- I had a wonderful childhood.
- I have no tattoos.
- I have my ears pierced twice in each ear.
- I laugh at the sound of popcorn popping.
- I like to have picnics in the cemetery, it's peaceful!
- I sleep on my side.
- I used to do web page design, I taught myself.
- I love animated movies.
- I think butterflies are the most beautiful thing.
- I went to Las Vegas for my 21st birthday.
- I love the song Bette Davis Eyes.
- I sing in my car, really loud.
- I have seen the ocean twice, I want to take Matt there.
- I was going to be named Dayna.
- I collect shot glasses from the states I've been.
- I've had 3 speeding tickets.
- I had two rabbits growing up.
- I like to eat cookie dough, brownie batter etc.
- I love bubble baths.
- I do not keep a check registry, I keep it all in my head.
- I'm embarrassed to dance at my wedding.
- I think I have a song picked out for our first dance.
- I most want to teach my children to be outgoing.
- I was too shy and I feel I missed out on a lot.
- I don't regret any choices I have made in my life.
- I see more and more of my mom in me everyday.


Becky Jamison said...

Ok,'ve set up a challenge. I'm going to have to compile my list and compare. This is great. I love reading your lists and getting to know the REAL you! My Margheim family knows who I really am but the Jamison family has no clue! Surprises ahead!

Lisa Jamison said...

I look forward to it.