Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Thanksgiving Snow

So I am sitting here tonight sipping my Diet Coke, and letting my huge dinner digest, what a great dinner it was. And I wanted to take a minute for the things that I am thankful for. Besides the obvious, Matt, I am thankful for so many other things in my life.

I have a loving family, a mother who still looks out for me and worries if I'm doing the right thing. She's my best friend. A father who still sees me as his little girl, wants the best for me and always cheers me up. A big brother who would stop the world for me if he had to, and a little brother who's always there to make me laugh.

I have Matt's family, they are such wonderful people. I couldn't ask for a better family to be brought into. It may be just a last name that makes me a part of their family, but to me the way I feel when I am around them. I feel so welcome and loved. I never thought another family could make me feel that way. It's so great to share that with them.

I have 3 beautiful healthy dogs that are the world to me. Indy, Cloey and Vinny. Indy or Bug as I call him, is my protector, and lover, he's always looking out for us and making sure we are ok. Cloey is my little play mate, she's always up for a game of catch or a good walk. And then there's Vinny, my little cuddler. I can't sleep with out him next to me. He's always there to watch a movie and keep me warm. Together they make our house a home, everyday I come home and they are so excited to see me. It's like I had been gone an eternity. Their tails wag when they are happy they cry when they're upset. If only humans were this easy to read. I love my dogs, I am so thankful for everyday I get to be with them.

I have a roof over my head. I have a beautiful home that Matt and I have created together. We have torn down walls, painted walls, replaced, extended, redone everything in this house and now it's "ours". We may share it with a few ghosts, but they never give us any greif about paint colors. My house is here everyday waiting for me when I get home. Warm and cozy, just the way we made it.

I have a job. Some people these days can't say they have a job. It may not be a fancy job. I work at a trash company for god sakes! But you know what, I have a wonderful boss, awesome coworkers, and the pay ain't that bad either!

I have a ring on my finger from the love of my life. It's a diamond we picked out together. A diamond that means he will forever be mine. He will stand by me through the good and bad. He will be there for our children, he will be there for me. He supports me in everything I do or want to do. If I get a crazy idea, he's already on board waiting for me. He never laughs at my ideas for the future. He shares the same views on many things that I do. There are days when we are laughing so hard, and I thank god I found someone that can make me laugh the way he does. When I get off work, and I am driving home I wish my car could fly cause I can't wait to walk in the door and see him. I call him everyday just to talk, and we talk for like 15mins, you'd think we hadn't talked in days. There is always something to be said between us. When I have some good news, I can't wait two seconds to tell him. I love buying him little surprises, just so I can see him smile. He makes all my dreams come true. He's never going to disapoint me with anything he does. He's caring and compassionet, he's sensative and loving. He's strong and handsome. He takes time on me and takes care of me. I love Matt so much.

Today was insipired by the Thanksgiving snow. It's snowing tonight, the first time this season it has actually collected on the ground. It sure set the mood for the holiday. I ran outside with my camera to take a picture of the snow and all I could think about was how thankful I was for Matt. So I wrote our intials in the snow. I showed Matt my art and he smiled. I look forward to so many nights like tonight. Days filled with laughter and memories, and Matt by my side. The years will bring us different things, kids, new home, new stories and new memories, but one thing will never change. I will always be thankful I stumbled across Matt. He's changed my life forever and I will forever be thankful for that.


Becky Jamison said...

We are so very proud of you Lisa and feel blessed that Matt has chosen you to be his wife. That was a good move on his part! I loved your post--you inspire me! Thanks so much!

Love you, Sweetheart!

Ruthie said...

Awwwwww thats cute!! I love your little dogs they crack me up every time I see pics. of them! I've tried to call over thanksgiving but no answer I'll keep trying i guess, Call me women!