Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Things You May Not Know About Me...

* I thought of more things then I thought I could. I hope you learn something new about me, or find that we have something in common.

- I love New Years Eve.
- I have to take a shower everyday.
- I have a horrible sweet tooth.
- I wear contacts/glasses.
- I love having painted toenails.
- I love the smell of fresh cut grass.
- I am afraid of doctors and dentists.
- I hate certain foods I have never even tried.
- I want to travel to Paris, France.
- I have a pretty good green thumb.
- I want to open an animal sanctuary.
- I want to have a house on some land.
- I have never broken a bone.
- I was born 6lbs 9oz, almost a preemie.
- I want to have 3 kids someday.
- I like the names Makenna, Landon, Carly, and Ava.
- I want to learn to speak French.
- I can never pack lightly when I go on a trip.
- I have never been to the East Coast.
- I graduated with a 3.8 gpa.
- I failed algebra the first time.
- I first drove an '87 Honda Accord hatchback.
- I used to play with a Ouija board.
- I met my future husband, Matt, at Petsmart.
- I let Matt kiss me first.
- I am an awesome speller.
- I can type almost 200 words per minute.
- I got fired from my last job for being too quick.
- I drink 70oz of water every single day.
- I love lipgloss
- I consider myself girly, but not too girly.
- I recycle everything I can.
- I have milk delivered from Royal Crest, Yum.
- I love my Mom & Dad more than the world.
- I call my Mom everyday.
- I like gambling, but I hate loosing money.
- I have 3 dogs and 3 cats.
- I am allergic to cats.
- I want to be an interior decorator.
- I can get to work in 10mins.
- I come home for lunch everyday to let my dogs out.
- I am a good swimmer, we had a pool growing up.
- I love vintage pin-up girls.
- I will only drink one soda, Diet Coke.
- I am afraid of fish.
- I haven't read a book since high school.
- I loved History.
- I have too much lotion, I can't stop buying it.
- I believe in aliens.
- I believe in ghosts.
- I have never seen a ghost.
- I have seen a UFO.
- I am afraid of wild animals, bears, mtn lions etc.
- I could sit by the river all day long.
- I love having picnics.
- I used to write songs and poems.
- I ate alligator once.
- I love pajamas, I have too many of those too.
- I still play in the snow.
- I put sweaters on one of my dogs.
- I have to put diapers on that same dog while we are gone.
- I spend my extra money on my pets.
- I love Reese's PB cups.
- I eat around the edge of them first.
- I love new recipes.
- I moved to Colorado Springs for Matt.
- I got my dog Indy from Matt for x-mas in 2000.
- I have loved Matt since the day I saw him.
- I still have notes Matt wrote me from the first week we dated.
- I only have 5 cousins.
- I got caught stealing once, in high school.
- I was never invited to any dances or prom.
- I used to love playing barbies.
- I love roller coasters.
- I love orange/pink sunsets.
- I used to run the mile in 7min 15 seconds.
- I collect fairy figurines.
- I like hunting for antique bottles in our backyard.
- I worry too much.
- I've never left the United States.
- I love vodka. It's the only thing I will drink.
- I call Matt Boo, and he calls me Boo.
- I only have 10 months (exactly) to get this wedding finished.
- I have to say my favorite actress is Reese Witherspoon.
- I own my own home. And glad I did it.
- I had 2 gerbils, now I have 7...
- I have a super sensative nose.
- I can't sleep if the heater is on over 60 degrees.
- I could shop at Old Navy all day.
- I have a king size bed.
- I am crazy about Yankee Candles.
- I couldn't live without my DVR.
- I like my cerel soggy.
- I am scared of the dark.

- I am me, and no one else can say that.

Thanks for reading this, I had fun making it!

After I wrote this, I asked Matt to describe me. Here is what he said about me. "Outgoing, down to earth, smart, old spirit, funny, easy to get along with, you take special care of me, understanding, negotiable, cheery, creative, you know what you want, and that's about it Boo.."

What a nerd.


Becky Jamison said...

Lisa, you crack me up! When I read your last sentence I broke out laughing. But Matt was right in his description of himself. I'll add one thng for him---he doesn't like change. How many years has he worn the same cap?

We have a lot of things in common, but you far exceed me in many things. I can type about 100 wpm, not 200. But I'm a good swimmer too--had a pool when Matt was growing up. I loved your list and read every single item. Maybe I'll do one of my own one of these days.

Ruthie said...

Hahahaha thats funny! We do have lots in common!! You eat peanut butter cups the same way as me! I'd like to do one but would get stuck on # 5. Plus I suck at spelling.hahahaha

Shelly said...

Hey!!! You are so funny! After I read all of those things about you, I think I know you alittle better! We have alot in common. I love the pics of your babies!!!