Sunday, November 23, 2008

What I Have Seen In My Lifetime..

What has happended in my lifetime? Well I was born in 1982. Here is what I have seen...

In the year 1982 this is what things costed:
A loaf of bread: .55 cents
A pack of cigarettes: .85 cents
Cost of a gallon of Gas: .91 cents
Cost of a first-class stamp: .20 cents
Average Cost of new house: $82,200.00
New Car Average price: $7,983.00
A new Apple Computer: $1298

I have seen 5 Presidents:
Reagan, Bush Senior, Clinton, Bush Junior, Obama

This is what I have seen since I was born:

1982 - MS-DOS first licensed

1982 - The word "Internet" appears

1982 - Liposuction introduced

1983 - Sally K. Ride, 32, first US woman astronaut in space as a crew member aboard space shuttle Challenger

1983 - The introduction of the CD, vinal record sales decline.

1984 - The first Apple Macintosh goes on sale.

1985 - The launch of Bill Gates first operating systems, Windows 3.1

1986 - The Nintendo debuts, launching the video game empire.

1989 - Death of Lucille Ball

1990 - The Hubble Space Telescope is launched

1990 - The Berlin Wall comes down

1992 - The LA Riot

1993 - A 13-year-old Los Angeles boy accuses Michael Jackson of fondling him

1993 - First humans cloned.

1993 - Waco, TX massacre

1994 - Olympic figure skater Nancy Kerrigan attacked.

1994 - OJ Simpson accused of killing his wife.

1995 - Oklahoma City Bombing.

1995 - OJ Simpson, not guilty.

1996 - Introduction of HDTV

1996 - Approximately 45 million people are using the Internet.

1996 - Scientists analyzing a Martian meteorite claim that it may provide evidence for the existence of ancient life on Mars

1996 - Dr. Ian Wilmut and his team clone the world's first sheep from adult cells. The lamb born in July 1996 is named Dolly.

1996 - JonBenet Ramsey is killed in her home on Christmas eve.

1997 - The movie "Titanic"

1997 - Comet Hale-Bopp is the closest it will ever be to Earth until 4397

1997 - US spacecraft begins exploration of Mars

1997 - Princess Diana dies in car accident.

1997 - The launch of the World Wide Web.

1998 - President accused in White House sex scandal; denies allegations of affair with White House intern, Monica Lewinsky

1998 - The Athena probe finds frozen water on moon

1998 - The FDA approves the male impotence drug Viagra

1998 - 77-year-old Senator John Glenn, the first American to orbit the earth

1999 - The world awaits the consequences of the Y2K bug

1999 - Shooting at Columbine Highschool in Littleton, CO

1999 - The number of Internet users worldwide reaches 150 million by the beginning of 1999

2000 - Cuban boy Elián González, crosses waters into America

2000 - NEAR spacecraft becomes first to orbit an asteroid

2001 - Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh executed

2001 - Terrorists attack United States. Hijackers ram jetliners into twin towers of New York City's World Trade Center and the Pentagon. A fourth hijacked plane crashes 80 mi outside of Pittsburgh (Sept. 11). Toll of dead and injured in thousands. Within days, Islamic militant Osama bin Laden and the al-Qaeda terrorist network are identified as the parties behind the attacks.

2001 - Artificial heart implanted in man

2002 - Pennsylvania miners rescued after spending 77 hours in a dark, flooded mine shaft

2002 -Snipers prey upon DC suburbs, killing ten and wounding others (Oct. 2–24). Police arrest two sniper suspects, John Allen Muhammad and John Lee Malvo

2003 - Saddam Hussein is captured by American troops

2003 - Space shuttle Columbia explodes, killing all 7 astronauts

2003 - Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger elected California governer.

2003 - The Hubble telescope has detected the oldest known planet, Nicknamed Methuselah after the aged biblical patriarch, the planet is an astonishing 12.7 billion years old

2004 - Gay marriages begin in Massachusetts

2004 - Martha Stewart, diva of domesticity, was sentenced to five months in prison in July after being found guilty on four counts of obstruction of justice and lying to federal investigators.

2004 - Janet Jackson has wardrobe malfuntion during Superbowl

2004 - American Idol remained one of the top-rated shows on television

2005 - Pope John Paul II Dies

2005 - Hurricane Katrina wreaks catastrophic damage on the Gulf coast

2005 - Number of deaths of U.S. soldiers in Iraq reaches 2,000

2005 - Cancer replaces heart disease as No. 1 cause of death for people ages 85 and under

2006 - John Mark Karr admits killing Jon Benet Ramsey, but is he telling the truth?

2006 - Saddam Hussein is convicted of crimes against humanity by an Iraqi court, and hung.

2008 - Markets Plunge Around the World

2008 - First black president, Barak Obama

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Ruthie said...

Holy Hell your old! hahaha. Just think someday your grand kids will ask you about all this stuff. You better print out your list.