Thursday, November 13, 2008

Worry Wart...

So I've noticed as I get older the more things I think of to worry about. I find myself worrying about things completely out of my control. Today I was talking to my mom about my new weight watchers diet. She had done it in the past and had lost 12lbs, which is awesome. She then started to tell me about the blood test she had just had done, and how it came back as 120 for her gloclosamen levels. They say 130 would be the onset of adult diabeties. So it got me thinking, my mom is not overweight or obese. I think she looks great, and she still does all the things she wants to do. She tries so hard to loose weight just like me, she's done all the fad diets and it never budges the scale. Got me worrying about my mom. She's such a great person, everything she has ever done and still does for me. She's my best friend. I look up to her so much and only wish I could be half the woman she is.

My little brother has been struggling with diabeties since he was about 12 years old. He has to prick his finger everyday, test his blood and do shots in his stomach. He's had a couple of close calls, he drove his car off the road one time when his levels got too low and he blacked out. He tries so hard to keep up with his diabeties, but I know he's probably sick of having diabeties. Sometimes I wonder why I was so lucky to not have gotten it and he did? He didn't deserve to get it, he was still a child. But I guess you have to deal with what you've been given. Below is a picture of me and my little brother Jason, making cookies on the counter. Look at how much flour is on Jason's jeans...haha :)

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Becky Jamison said...

Good story, Lisa! Just take good care of yourself---eat sensibly, get the rest you need, stay happy and keep all that love in your heart for your family and friends--you won't have time for the worry! When bad things do happen, our Heavenly Father will give you the knowledge, strength and support to deal with need to worry ahead of time! Love you!