Sunday, March 15, 2009

An Open Window Opportunity

Being a home owner gives you certain advantages over renting, obviously. So today Matt and I got a crazy idea about putting a window in our basement laundry room. We have a 100+ year old house with a rock foundation, and it crumbles easily. So we already had this window well cemented in, like it was old coal shoot or something. We thought it would be fairly easy to just knock out the old stucco and rocks and throw in a new window... We were sorta right.

We started about 2:00pm, knocking out the old stucco etc.

Yikes, we better finish this today! There's my basement!

Then we framed in the window.

Then after going to Home Depot for some framework, foam and dinner. There you have it! A new window!

Matt is sure handy to have around. I think I may keep him a little longer :)

1 comment:

Becky Jamison said...

Yeah, I think you'd better keep him forEVER! You guys did a great job. Thanks for posting the photos, Lisa!