Tuesday, March 10, 2009

200 Days And Counting

So my wedding countdown hit 200 today. So that means tomorrow will be 199 and then 198? Yikes. I am getting a little better with dealing with the stress. Especially since we are crossing things off our list. My bridesmaid did end up backing out, but luckily I have the most awesome future sister in the law in the world. Ruthie! Who is going to step in for her. And when I think about it. I should have asked Ruthie in the first place. And I want Ruthie to know that I do not consider you "A Backup!" Matt and I are so honored that you will be sharing that day with us and standing up with us.

In other news, my brother in Seattle, WA, James. His furnace went out at his house and who you gunna call? Matt... So he will be flying Matt out there to install a new furnace etc. So I get to go along for the ride. Our first trip to Seattle! I can't wait! Matt really wants to eat the fresh seafood. I think I will just have the chicken :)

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Becky Jamison said...

That's a Service Call with good service. Enjoy it, take pictures and blog about it when you get home!