Sunday, February 08, 2009

With This Ring...

So it has been six months since we bought my engagement ring. And it was time to take it in for it's six month cleaning - to keep up on our warrenty etc. So Friday night Matt and I drove over to the mall and went to have it cleaned. While we were waiting we figured we mides well look at wedding bands for him. They were having a good Valentine's Day sale, so we thought why not.

Matt tried on a couple rings. And he kept coming back to the first one he tried on. He kept saying "This one is me."

It is made of Tungsten, which is harder than gold. Which will be good for while Matt is working. So we ordered it in his size. He said he's going to start wearing it right away :) hehe.

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Ruthie said...

wow thats a really pretty ring!!!!!! i like that it totaly looks like matt