Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I'm Starting To Look Forward To This...

So when I think about my "Wedding Day" lately, I get all stressed and frustrated and I often wonder if I would even enjoy myself on my wedding day. Or would I be running around like a chicken with my head cut off? But last weekend, my parents came down and them, and Matt and I went to this huge bridal fair in Colorado Springs. They had over 50 vendors from all over Colorado Springs, photographers, DJ's, cakes (free samples of cake by the way hehe), and florists. So our goal was to cross off a few things, especially the DJ and photographer. And I know some of these people are already taking weddings for 2010. So it's all a matter of getting them reserved and ready to go. So anyways, we come out of this place with a bag full of misc brochures and papers. Matt and I sat down that night over the dinner table and laid them all out by category, and then looked at each one of them, price, what we get etc.

We narrowed it down to one photographer and one DJ. We really liked the way the DJ talked to us, and he was just a super nice guy. And at the end of the wedding, at no charge they would burn us a CD of all the music that was played that night at our wedding. Really cool. So I got him reserved! Yay, crossed that off the list!

And then tonight Matt and I went to our meeting with the photographer. And I tell you what I could not have asked for a more perfect guy. Everything I ever dreamed of on my wedding day. This guy could make happen. He was outgoing, funny and had a really good eye for capturing the moment. We toured his studio, and for a wedding gift he is giving us a free engagement photo session. I can't wait to go do that. Matt and I have never had our pictures professionally taken. So it will be really nice to get these pictures. So he wanted to know if we could do pictures before guests start arriving.

And I'm kind of old fashion and I always thought I wouldn't want Matt to see me before I walk down the isle. But when I thought about it, we wouldn't have much time for pictures and the wedding will be in the evening and the pictures might not be so great. So he said what he does is he has the bride and groom meet at a special place like Garden Of The Gods, or something and the groom faces one way and the bride comes up and taps on his shoulder and he turns around, and he can actually capture that moment on camera. Just the two of us, no one around. What a cool thought. So I agreed to that. We got to talking about other things. Matt really likes the trees and sculptures in the grave yard. Especially in the fall, what a moment to capture my white dress with some of those red red leaves. So we got to talking about Matt's grandparents being buried there, and the photographer, Charlie, thought it would be cool to incorporate a picture of us holding hands or something over Matt's grandparents headstone. Just to let them know that we are thinking of them on this super special day in our life. And I said "No way I'd start crying!!" And Charlie said "I probably would too!" But it's something to think about. Lots of things to discuss with this man. But I just wanted to share some of the progress we had made on our journey to the alter.

Another cool thing, I looked up the meaning of the sunflower. And it means longevity and loyalty. What a good wedding flower :)


Becky Jamison said...

Sounds wonderful! I love sunflowers, as you know. I'm from Kansas and still a Kansas girl at heart. The Kansas Sate Flower is the Sunflower!

This is a wonderful post! Thanks, Lisa!

Ruthie said...

Wow it's getting close!!! What are your colors? I can't wait!! Dang you two it's about time! Hehehe