Thursday, February 26, 2009

When Can I Just Relax?

So I took off Monday and Tuesday of this week and my Mom decided maybe if she came down we could get some wedding stuff done. Boy did we ever! We ran around all over town Sunday and Money. I had never shopped so much in all my life. My legs hurt, my butt hurt! I couldn't walk another step by the time I got home.

We got the Tuxes done for the guys, and we got the catering done for the wedding dinner (after we drove to every end of town, to get catering menus from 3 BBQ places). We started picking out some table clothes etc. We had so much fun together. Everytime I get to spend that much time with my Mom it makes me wish so bad she would move down here with me :)

I think this picture pretty much sums up how I feel. I am still trying to capture my weight loss goal. Before I even begin to look at dresses I want to lose more weight.


Becky Jamison said...

You'll relax about September 28th in Hawaii!

Laurel said...

If your worried or stressed wha i do is go in the bathroom have some candles lit lights off and have a relaxing bubble bath